Gingham For Spring 2018

Gingham is the most obvious thing ever for Spring, but something about it just draws me in every year!  You can literally find it everywhere this year and I am loving the fresh new ways it is being used from bags to shoes to housewares.  It just looks so happy and crisp to me, exactly what we need after this bi-polar winter we have had going on.  PS, even Gucci has some gingham shoes out!  (crazily priced, but still!)  I tried to round up some atypical finds that weren’t your usual gingham button down or shorts and hope you love them as much as I do!  As always, click on the pink link to see the item in store.


Off the Shoulder Top

First up is this adorable off the shoulder top.  It would be so cute with white jeans or shorts and would look equally good with black pants.

Wrap Gingham Top

Love, love, love this wrap gingham top.  It’s so airy and gives you full coverage if the off the shoulder top is too much for you.  Again, would look amazing with white jeans.


Gingham Dress

I call this one the grown up Dorothy dress.  I love it’s elbow length sleeves and the wrap top.  Such a cute dress!

Lace Up Denim

I was sincerely not prepared for how cute this lace up ankle denim is!  Gah!  Pretty sure I am going to have to purchase these.  I must warn you, they are very pricey!  Wait for a sale!  They come in both plus and missy sizes, petite and regular, so we can all geek out on our gingham!!

Not sure gingham is for you?  Ease into it with this headband.  Could it be more southern preppy?


Gingham Flats


How about these gingham flats for Spring and Summer?  For all of us who wear black all Summer long, these are perfect!  Pretty sure I am going to need to buy these too!

Monogrammed Gingham Clutch

The sight of this clutch made my monogram, preppy loving heart explode!  OMG!  This is a must have!  And the perfect gift for all those Spring birthdays!  FYI, she makes a ton of really cute bags in different fabrics.  Love them!

Gingham Mules

I like that these are so different and not your typical gingham shoe.  And I think you could get away with them from now until early September since they are closed toe.  Kinda torn between these and the other flats above.


Gingham Plates

Gingham for Spring doesn’t just stop at clothes!  Look at these all kinds of adorable gingham plates!  How cute would these be for Easter?  or the navy for Fourth of July?


Are you a gingham fan?  I’d love to hear about if you love or hate it in the comments!

Must Have Monday

Our weather in Pittsburgh was crazy this weekend, torrential rain, angry snow, and then it warmed up.  Bizarre!  I did get a chance to do some shopping during the amazing President’s Day sales going on, both online and in person! Here’s some of my fave finds of the weekend.

Cult Gaia Mini Ark

Have you checked out the “it” bag yet?  The Cult Gaia Mini Ark that is on backorder everywhere?  I love it for summer but I didn’t love the price!  I found an pretty identical look alike for much less on Amazon!

Bamboo clutch


Here’s the lookalike!  They are so similar it doesn’t make sense not to buy this one.  This one has great reviews on Amazon too.  Comes in a couple different colors.  I am torn between this color and the black.  Which would you pick?


Greece Sandal


Another lookalike for very pricey designer sandals!  These Steve Madden Greece Sandals keep selling out in my size in this color, so I may end up just getting the black.  I like that they don’t have a thong situation.  It’s so hard to find sandals that don’t have one.  Comes in a bunch of other colors but this one and the black are my faves.


Cutout Lounge Top

Lounge Wear


I have a similar set of this lounge wear that is heavier knit and I have been wearing around the house all winter.  When I saw this Spring version I had to pick them up during their 40% off sale this weekend.  It’s made out of the softest knit.  I can’t wait to wear it!

I’d love to hear about any of your finds in the comments below!  Have a great Monday and enjoy that extra day off if you get one!

What is Microblading?

Have you been hearing the term microblading?  It’s the latest beauty craze and all over Instagram (#browsonfleek) and beauty blogs.  I thought you might want to get the 411 on what it is, how it works and does it hurt?

Microblading is a semi permanent form similar to tattooing.  It is mainly used on eyebrows and the technique is able to recreate the look of feathery hair strokes.  It is manually done using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the upper levels of the epidermis.

Because the color is deposited closer to the surface of your skin, it appears crisper and finer than a traditional tattoo.  Your initial appointment takes about two hours and requires a touch up appointment about 4-6 weeks later.

It won’t last as long as a traditional tattoo and I think that’s a good thing!  Faces change and so do eyebrow trends.  You don’t want to be stuck with the same brows forever!  For most people, it lasts from 1-2 years, with yearly touchups.  It fades out naturally over time.

It truly is an art and involves your practitioner measuring and drawing your brows on prior to beginning the procedure.  You want to make sure your brows look good from every angle, not just straight on and that takes time.  I would recommend taking selfies from different angles after they are drawn on to make sure you love them.

Picking a practitioner is the most important part! You want to look at their work and check how it has healed.  I would advise reaching out to some of their clients to ask them about their experience.  It is your face after all!  Check out their procedure room and hygienic practices.  Ask them questions! Do your research first!  You have to find the most experienced person who delivers the results you want.

My first question was, how bad does it hurt?  I’ve heard differing opinions.  Numbing cream is used and I am sure it just depends on your pain threshold.  Comments ranged from it’s like waxing to I thought I was dying, so I would say it’s probably tolerable to most people.  There is some scabbing, similar to tattooing.

I have to give a caveat here and say I have not personally had this procedure done.  I have been checking out people’s results and they are spectacular, but I don’t think it’s for me just based on my personal healing/scarring record.  My skin tends not to heal well and I wouldn’t want to risk my face.  (that’s just me, don’t let me scare you, make your own conclusions please! I am not a medical professional.)

It is a lifesaver for people who struggle without brows.  They really do change your entire face.  I think it’s an amazing alternative to permanent tattooing since you can change and tweak it as your face and styles change.  It’s also a great option for those with scars or missing parts of their brows.  Many people have bald spots from old brow rings or overplucking in their youth (or the 80’s).  Everyone I’ve talked to who has had it done, said “Why didn’t I do this sooner!”

So how about you? Have your tried it or will you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!






Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

Before Pittsburgh got their own Nordstrom, I wasn’t very aware of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Now that we do have one, I am super stoked to be counting down the days until the 2016 sale!  If you shopped it before, I know you are counting the days too and if you haven’t, you need to check it out pronto!  It’s like Christmas in July for sure!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a once a year sale where they take Fall merchandise and temporarily mark it down, allowing you to buy your Fall must have’s ahead of time.  Once the sale is over, the prices go back to normal.  Nordstrom selects items they feel are either a staple or a trendy item for Fall.  It’s a great way to get started on school shopping for yourself or your kids and it’s a great time to buy a winter coat, purse, etc.  Or if you are one of those people who start Christmas shopping super early, this is the sale for you.  Stock on each item is limited, so you want to act fast when you see something you want.

If you are a Nordstrom card holder, there is a presale starting July 14th.  If you aren’t a card holder, the sale opens up to the public on July 22nd.  August 7th is the last day to get the sale prices and on August 8th, the prices go back to normal.  No joke, they really do.  This isn’t like a Macy’s one day sale that happens every weekend.

Another tip, if you have a Nordstrom card triple points day you have been saving, arrange to use it on the day you are shopping the sale!

Don’t have a Nordstrom near you?  Nordstrom always offers free shipping.  I tend to purchase a lot online, knowing I can take it back in store or send it back if it doesn’t work.  The only thing I have to go into the store for is shoes. I don’t have the kind of feet that are universally the same size in every brand, so I like to try them out before buying.

What are the best deals?  These are just my opinion based on checking out the sale the last couple years.

Boots-Every kind of boot from booties to over the knee are on sale.  The best boot selection ever at Nordstrom!

Coats-I mentioned before it’s the best time to buy a coat for you or your kids!

Jeans-Plenty of designer jeans on sale

Makeup-Many brands do special items and special gift with purchase deals for the sale.  These I may go in person to check out!

Watches-Plenty of designer watches marked down.

Purses-My kryptonite!  The absolute best prices on purses you are going to want for Fall.  All kinds of designers from my beloved Rebecca Minkoff to Kate Spade and more.

Here’s some of my shoe picks from last year’s Anniversary Sale.  I’m sure they will have similar offerings this year.

Are you excited about the Anniversary Sale? I’d love to hear what you are looking for this year in the comments!






Spring Trends Gingham


I always love gingham and I am super excited to see it everywhere this year.  And it isn’t just in your basic shirt form!  I gathered up some of the cutest spring trend gingham items out there for you!  (I NEED that bucket hat!)

Check out my finds below, to shop, click on the pink link below the photo.

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

J Crew Bucket Hat

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Motorcycle Jacket

How cute is this jacket?  A really unexpected use of Gingham!

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Swimsuit

This suit scream summer.  It also comes in pink and white gingham!

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Scarf

If some of the pieces are too much print for you, this scarf is a great way to ease into the trend, how cute would this be with a tshirt and jeans?

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Flats

Nordstrom Gingham Dress

Gingham Dress

I love this modern take on a 50’s housewife’s dress!

Gingham Raincoat

Gingham Raincoat

What screams Spring more than a Gingham raincoat?

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Short Set

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Tote

Another way to ease into the trend!

Are you as excited about Gingham being everywhere as I am?  If so, check out my Spring Trend Pinterest board for some more great items!

Best Gifts for Her

Are you struggling finding the perfect gift for your mom, sister, daughter or best friend? Maybe even yourself? If so, I have the picks for you!  I’ve gathered up the best gifts for her today!  I could do ten of these lists to be honest there are so many good deals out there, but I thought I’d go with things I either have or would buy for myself! To shop, click on the pink link under each photo.

Best gifts for her

Talbot’s Holiday Plaid Scarf

I have this scarf and I love it!  It is super soft and gorgeous in person.  The tassels make it I think! I got it on super sale, and Talbot’s has had at least 40% off pretty consistently this season.  It’s Christmasy but I think you can still wear it after too.  I wore it with a chambray shirt but it would look great with a red coat too.

Best gifts for her

Starbucks Leopard Mug

The perfect gift for your leopard loving friend.  Starbucks always has great mugs at Christmas time and I was torn between featuring this one or the blue plaid.  This leopard one won out because it would look just as great on your desk as a pencil holder as it would holding your morning drink!

Best gifts for her

OPI All Stars

This set of OPI Mini All Star nail polishes is just that, a collection of the best OPI colors!  Amazing favorites like Bubble Bath, Strawberry Margarita, Lincoln Park After Dark, Big Apple Red and Malaga Wine.  All colors I own and love and in some cases talk about endlessly! Seriously a great gift!

Best Gifts for Her

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Makeup can be hard to buy for others sometimes, but this cult fave Dior Addict Lip Glow makes it easy since it reacts with the wearers chemistry to create a unique color.  Any makeup lover would love to receive this gift!

Best Gifts for HerKate Spade Glitter Studs

I’ve loved these gold glitter studs from Kate Spade for awhile and even had them on my best gifts for her list last year.  I still love them and now actually own them myself.  They are just enough glitter when you need a little! I may have stocked up on them the last time Kate Spade had a sale, so don’t be surprised if you get a set of these under the tree from me!


Best Gifts for Her

Glitter Bug Wallet

Speaking of glitter and Kate Spade, her Glitter Bug collection is super cute.  Who couldn’t use a little glitter in their pocketbook!

Best Gifts for HErKendra Scott Jewelry Holder

This Kendra Scott jewelry holder is perfect for travel! I love that you can hook your earrings into it.  I don’t own this yet, but I am definitely putting it on my wish list.

Best Gifts for Her

Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder

Another super cute idea, this nail polish holder comes in two sizes, one for travel and one for storage of your polish collection.  They can accommodate any size polish bottles and are a great solution!

Best Gifts for Her

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace

I talk about the Kendra Scott Rayne necklace all the time and finally bought my first one, hot pink and gold metal, this summer.  I wore it pretty much everyday and asked for a black and gold metal one for Christmas.  Pretty sure I will be wearing that one daily too.   Nordstrom had the best pricing this season that I have seen on the necklace due to their price matching, but it pays to shop around a bit when you decide to purchase.   There are so many colors and metal combinations, that you can be sure to find something for your gift recipient.

Best Gifts for Her

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag

I saved the best for last!  Love this blush Rebecca Minkoff bag.  It is definitely a splurge, but it is lovely!  It comes in a couple different colors, I love the saddle brown version too!

What’s on your gift wish list this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Best Emoji Gifts

Best Emoji Gifts

Today’s Friday Finds are all emoji related gift ideas!  Everybody loves emojis and their universal language.  Perfect for a teenager or your best friend, these gifts will make your recipient smile every time they look at them. Now on to the best emoji gifts!

Best Emoji Gifts

Happy Face Bag

This happy face emoji bag from Reb Dolls is adorable.  Wear it as a cross body or a clutch to your next weekend outing, it is sure to start a conversation!

Best Emoji Gifts


This emoji themed artwork makes me so happy!  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy some!

Best Emoji Gifts


These handpainted glasses from Etsy seller ClassyGlassyDesigns are so cute.  She will do custom emojis too!

Best EMoji Gifts


Firebox has several versions of their emoji rings, but I love this one!

Best Emoji Gifts


Even Kate Spade is in on the emoji action.  I completely adore this sunglass wearing emoji keychain!  This needs to go on my gift list!

Best Emoji Gifts


Be sure to wrap your gifts in some emoji wrapping paper!

I found this free printable on Let’s Wrap Stuff to make emoji wrapping paper in your printer at home.  How cute are those emoji santas?