Celebrate Shark Week


Shark Week 2016 starts on Sunday, June 26th on Discovery Channel.  Just in case you haven’t ever watched it before, they spend every night of the week airing shark based shows.  I always learn something during the week that I wasn’t aware of about sharks and it’s just fun to get in the spirit of Shark Week!

To celebrate Shark Week, I pulled together some cute clothing and home items featuring sharks that will put you well on your way to joining the devotees!


Shark Dress

Shark Dress

Pet Shark CostumePet Shark Costume 

Shark Ice Mold

Shark Ice Mold

Shark Hat

Shark Hat

Shark Skirt

Shark Skirt

Shark Cozy

Shark Snuggie

Men's Shark Sock

Men’s Shark Socks

See more ideas on my Pinterest Shark Week board here!


It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about some things I’m obsessed with on the blog.  I’m rectifying that today!  I have a couple things I’m crazy about I want to share with you!

Dog Birthday Cake Hat

Birthday Cake Hat

It’s my puppy’s first birthday next month and it’s going to be epic! I bought this birthday cake hat for him from Etsy seller Eternal Light Shop.  She literally shipped it overnight and it looks exactly like the photo.  My devil dog immediately tried to destroy it, so we are going to need to be quick with the photo opportunities on his birthday!

Glitter Bomb Phone CaseGlitter Bomb iPhone Case

The photo does not do this Glitter Bomb iPhone Case justice.  The glitter floats around in liquid inside the case and is super gold and glittery.  People ask me everyday where I got it.  It’s also fun to play with while bored waiting in line 🙂 Love it!

My cup size is Stanley

Stanley Cup Tee

The Pittsburgh Penguins are on the road to the Stanley Cup and this shirt from Etsy seller Blue Frog Tees cracks me up.

Pineapple Nails

I am in love with my Pineapple nail art from Jessica at Dallas Beauty Lounge.  She was able to combine a couple ideas I had into this.  Super cute!

See my review of Dallas Beauty Lounge here.

Patriotic Fringe Flag

Patriotic Fringe Flag

This Patriotic Fringe Flag from Craft Yourself looks like something even I can make.  You have time to whip one up before Memorial Day!

Halloween Decor

I went to my happy place over the weekend-Home Goods and found a ton of Halloween decor.  I’m not a big Halloween decorator, I tend to be more fallish instead of strict Halloween, so that it lasts me from September-November.  These super cute items could change my mind though!

Halloween China

This Halloween china is adorable! At first glance, you can’t really tell there are Halloween designs. I took a close up of the cake stand to let you see.  I completely wanted to take all of it home with me!

Halloween Cake Stand

Look at the detail on this china! Witches, black cats, webs, skulls! So cute!

Skeleton Candle Holder

I loved this skeleton candle holder, I imagine it would make great shadows on your walls while the candle is burning! Dancing skeletons anyone?

Bone Candle

There were quite a few different Halloween themed candles at Home Goods.  These bone candles were probably my favorite.

Halloween Candles

How about the Frankenstein and Mummy couples?  Definitely go look for these candles in your store!

Sparkly Pumpkin

I ended up leaving with this sparkly pumpkin.  It now holds court in my office.  I always appreciate a little sparkle in my day!

Home Goods also had adorable dog costumes and a few children’s costumes in stock.  Tons of ceramic pumpkins, vase fillers, wall hangings, wreaths and other décor items.  Definitely worth checking out!

Are you a big Halloween decorator? When do you start? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Friday Finds

Hope you have some exciting plans for your long weekend!  I am purging my closet this weekend, it’s definitely time and I know in the end, it will make it so much easier to get ready in the morning, but it certainly is painful in the midst of doing it!  Some of it is going to the consignment store and the rest will be donated.  Once I’ve gone through it, I have to have it out of the house to prevent my going back into the pile.

I turned to Etsy for my Friday finds this week and as usual, I found a ridiculous amount of great stuff there.  I am always amazed at the product sold on Etsy.  Such creative and talented people out there.

Friday Finds from Saltyblonde.com



Etsy seller Laonato has several different cityscapes to choose from, my fave being Paris.  These necklaces would make great gifts or as a reminder of a great vacation.


Speaking of reminders of a great vacation, this shell ring from Etsy seller Kaleimaeole certainly fits the bill.  How could you not think of the beach when wearing it?


When my dog passed away last year, I searched everywhere for a piece of jewelry to serve as a tribute.  I found Lulubug Jewelry on Etsy and couldn’t believe the detail on this necklace.  It really looked exactly like my dog.  I ordered it and a name plate to go with it and couldn’t have been more thrilled.  It is teeny, tiny, but the quality and detail is amazing.  I can’t recommend this seller more.  Lulubug Jewelry has every kind of dog, plus pretty much every animal you can think of and a few other symbols.  Perfect gifts for an animal lover in your life.


I have been following Elina Linardaki on Instagram after finding her shop on Etsy this summer.  I love the boho feel of her handmade sandals.  They are gorgeous.  Check her shop out here.


I love the look of raw crystals and these necklaces are super cool.  Everyone is slightly different making it a one of a kind piece.  Vermeer Jewellery’s shop can be found here.

What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully more exciting than mine!  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Friday Finds

Hey Kids!

It’s time for Friday Finds, everything I found on the internet this week that captured my attention!  I wasn’t able to spend as much time on the web this week as usual, but I still found some great stuff.  Let’s get right to the good stuff, shall we?

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds


One:  How refreshing do these summer ice cubes look?  I found them on Belle-Melange.  The blog is in German (I think) but the photos are pretty self explanatory.  Similar ice cube trays can be found on Amazon via the link below(affiliate link).

4 Ice Tube Making Trays for Water Bottles – 2pc Sets

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds: Plush Gallbladder

Two:  I know I would have loved to get this plush gallbladder when I had mine removed.  Buy it for a friend here!

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds : Fluffy Top Knot

Three:  I was so excited to find this you tube tutorial for a fluffy top knot when you don’t have long hair.  Ever since I cut my hair into a lob, I haven’t been able to do a proper top knot without using extensions.  This method works and I have been wearing my hair this way on really hot days!  Tutorial here.

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds:Louboutin Lipstick

Four:  Have you see the new Louboutin lipstick?  The packaging is amazing, but at $90 per, it’s a little steep.  I’m sure it’s not going to stop anyone from buying them out when they go on sale at Saks in September.

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds: Bearcat Tonkey

Five:  Move over Tuna, there’s a new dog in town!  My newest Instagram obsession is Bearcoat Tonkey, the dog that doesn’t know if she’s a dog or a teddy bear!  This Shar Pei is just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

Leila Jewelry Giveaway

Bali Circle Pendant from Leila Jewelry

Today is the last day to enter the Leila Jewelry Bali Circle Pendant giveaway on the blog.  I love this necklace, it is great alone or as a layering piece.  If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so via this link.

I again have to apologize for my lack of posts, our sweet dog passed away very unexpectedly this week and we have been heartbroken.  I plan to post a few things I already have prepared this week and get back to regular blogging soon.  I appreciate your understanding.



Summer Planters

Greenhouse flowers


A couple weeks ago, we stopped by our local greenhouse to pick out some plants for our GIANT urns on the deck.  Since we were a little late in the season, I wasn’t sure what we would find, but they were fully stocked.  I absolutely love going to pick out our flowers and look forward to it every summer.  I will start this post off by saying, I absolutely know nothing about flowers and never know their proper names, but I do know what I like and what I am not going to kill!


Black Petunia Collage

 I saw some really unusual (to my eye) flowers this go around.  I love, love , love these black petunias. I’ve never seen anything like them. Unfortunately, I didn’t see these until we were leaving so I wasn’t able to buy any, but am definitely thinking about going back.  I think they would look amazing in my mainly pink color scheme.

Summer Planter Collage

 I also saw these flowers that look like they are polka dotted.  How cute are these?  Anyone know what they are called?   Their hanging baskets are amazingly full!  So pretty and colorful, and so many to choose from!

white impatiens

I couldn’t resist this shot of the white impatiens.  Loved the impact of one color.  Maybe I will try all white flowers with those black petunias.   I normally follow the thrill, fill and spill method of filling my urns.  I couldn’t find my thrill piece this go around, so will have to come back for it later.  If you aren’t familiar with this method, the thrill plants give your planter height, the fill plants are bushier and fill your planter and spill plants trail over the side of your pot.  It has worked really well for me the past couple of summers by giving the urn balance.  I used to be just a random planter, but using this plan has really helped the appearance of my summer planters.  Once they begin to grow, they really do thrill, fill and spill the entire container.  I tried to find some photos from last summer, but can’t seem to find them at the moment.

My flowers

Here’s what I ended up picking out, minus the thrill plants.  I went with a mainly hot pink theme this year. The marigolds are for another planter.  I change my scheme from year to year, sometimes going with multiple colors, sometimes big impact with one similar shade.  Once my flowers have been planted for a few weeks, I will take a photo to show how fast they fill out.  You can see in the photo how big our urns are, I absolutely love them.  A friend gave them to me when she was moving.  Lucky me! We decided not to plant a container garden this year.  It got quickly out of control last year, so we opted not to do one this year.   Here’s one last shot of my trusty helper!  He’s not a fan of the heat, but always wants to be by our sides.

Garden Helper

What did you plant this year?  did you do a garden? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!