Friday Finds

Hey Kids!

It’s time for Friday Finds, everything I found on the internet this week that captured my attention!  I wasn’t able to spend as much time on the web this week as usual, but I still found some great stuff.  Let’s get right to the good stuff, shall we?

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds


One:  How refreshing do these summer ice cubes look?  I found them on Belle-Melange.  The blog is in German (I think) but the photos are pretty self explanatory.  Similar ice cube trays can be found on Amazon via the link below(affiliate link).

4 Ice Tube Making Trays for Water Bottles – 2pc Sets

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds: Plush Gallbladder

Two:  I know I would have loved to get this plush gallbladder when I had mine removed.  Buy it for a friend here!

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds : Fluffy Top Knot

Three:  I was so excited to find this you tube tutorial for a fluffy top knot when you don’t have long hair.  Ever since I cut my hair into a lob, I haven’t been able to do a proper top knot without using extensions.  This method works and I have been wearing my hair this way on really hot days!  Tutorial here.

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds:Louboutin Lipstick

Four:  Have you see the new Louboutin lipstick?  The packaging is amazing, but at $90 per, it’s a little steep.  I’m sure it’s not going to stop anyone from buying them out when they go on sale at Saks in September.

Salty Blonde's Friday Finds: Bearcat Tonkey

Five:  Move over Tuna, there’s a new dog in town!  My newest Instagram obsession is Bearcoat Tonkey, the dog that doesn’t know if she’s a dog or a teddy bear!  This Shar Pei is just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

Hair Day

This weekend I had a great time exploring a shop called Hair Day with one of my friends!  We seriously had the best time EVAH! Hair Day is located in Pittsburgh’s South Side and carries any and everything you might need in the way of faux hair.  It was my second visit to the store, but my friend’s first and she was literally speechless at the amount of choices.  Trust me, speechless is not a word used to describe either of us very often!


The hair extension selection is completely overwhelming and covers every price point imaginable.  There are extensions as low as $1 a piece and some can be several hundred dollars.


We both have experienced extensions before, so we headed to the back room to check out the wigs with a store employee. Be sure to ask for Antwoinette when you go there.  She could not have been more delightful and patient with these wig virgins!

Wig shopping is definitely an experience you want to share with a friend, though other shoppers freely assist you and give their opinions too!  Solicited or not!  It is amazing how different hair pieces change up your look, making people literally unrecognizable.  Admire ombre, but scared to change your actual hair color to something so bold? There’s a wig for that!  Want to rock a blonde, bombshell look, there’s one for that too!


All the wigs have names and are referred to as she by the employees.  Loved that!  I saw wig price points from $30-$150 with most around the $30-$40ish range.  I really was surprised, as I assumed they would be much more expensive.


Since I am a blonde, I gravitated toward the dark hued choices.  I also tried a couple that were crazy colors (think bright pink, blue, purple) and loved them!


After the fun of trying on ended, we had to make our final selections. We decided on some brunette numbers and some pink wigs to celebrate our girly natures!


They also have a huge and I mean HUGE selection of false eyelashes. Above is a picture of just one of the cases full of them.  I can’t recommend this store and experience enough!  Amazing day of girly fun and THE place to go if you are a fan of faux hair in any of its forms.

I give it a solid thumbs up!

Our Weekend

Yet again I had a fun, activity filled weekend.  I met a friend for lunch and then we went to a faux hair mecca! More to come on that subject later this week.  Here’s a preview of the awesomeness!!!!


The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so my husband finished up our deck.  All we have left is adding a gate so our dog can’t escape!  It looks great and I am excited to get out there and enjoy it, though the forecast for this week looks rainy.

I did get a chance to spend some time at the pool, which was fantastic and relaxing.


And of course I had a little retail therapy thrown in this weekend for good measure.  I was looking for a pink lipstick and grabbed this Mac lipstick in Lustering.  I think it will do the trick.  It’s not crazy neon pink, not baby pink either, a nice medium pink, which is what I was in the mood for.


I saw these adorbs leopard flip flops on a friend and had to run to DSW to grab myself a pair.  I know I will be wearing these all summer.  I debated about buying a pair of Havianas, but ended up passing, as I figured I could find a pair cheaper elsewhere.


Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!  I’d love to hear about it!