Buffalo Check Christmas and Home Decor

I absolutely love buffalo check (or plaid) and especially love it for Christmas!  I’m having an phone issue, so I can’t upload a picture of my front porch, but it is currently sporting a buffalo check be-ribboned wreath and welcome mat!

I started seeing it in Christmas decor last year and this year, it is EVERYWHERE!  I rounded up some of my fave buffalo check home and Christmas decor below.

Monogram Buffalo Check Throw

This monogrammable buffalo check throw from Nordstrom would make a great Christmas gift!  I love the subtle gray and white.

Buffalo Check Sherpa Throw

I have a similar sherpa throw and I am totally in love with how soft and warm it is.   I don’t know which of these I would buy, I am torn between gray and black and red!

Deer Ornament

How cute is this deer ornament?  It would make a great gift topper!


Buffalo Plaid Stocking

I am in love with this fur trimmed stocking!  It would look amazing with some of my other Christmas decor.


Technically a mousepad isn’t Christmas or home decor but I couldn’t resist! How cute would this be as part of a gift with the deer ornament as a topper?

Buffalo Check Pillow Cover

I have been trying to resist these buffalo check pillow covers since October!  I think having the red and black all year long would make me get tired of it and I can’t justify buying them just for Christmas.  I still love them though!!


Buffalo Check Duvet Cover

Same story with this duvet cover.  I have always wanted to have a Christmas bedroom and this would be perfect! but alas, the cost factor!  It would make a really cute boys room too.  Speaking of, I’ve seen some adorable buffalo check nurseries lately!

Do you love buffalo check like I do? What do you have in your home that’s buffalo check? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Pumpkin Spice Everything!


Sorry for my prolonged absence from the blog, but I’ve had a ridiculous amount of stuff going on in my life the past few months.  I hope to have some more time in the near future to blog, but most likely I won’t be back to regular blogging until November.  I appreciate each and everyone of you that has been checking in over the past couple months to see any updates!  I promise, more to come on what’s been going on in the future! (Some BIG things)

In the meantime, it’s pumpkin spice season and I can’t let it pass without blogging about it!  I broke out my Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice tshirt last week while enjoying my fifth pumpkin spice Starbucks of the season and realized when someone asked me where I got it, that the company who made mine went out of business.  🙁

I decided to check out Etsy to see if anyone else sold a similar one and found an amazing amount of PS inspired stuff.  There are tons of tees, but I also found a lot of other stuff.  I thought I would put together a quick round up of my faves for everyone.

Basic AF Mug

How hilariously appropriate is this mug?  I absolutely need this one!  I might be basic, but I don’t care cause pumpkin spice is freaking delicious!!


Pumpkin Spice Socks
These socks crack me up!  I definitely need these for around the house.  Perfect thing to pair with a Starbucks gift card.

Pumpkin Spice Girl Tote

How cute is this tote for Fall?  Easy to tuck into a care package for your fave college student to use around campus.

Pumpkin Spice Tee

If you are like me and can’t say no to a PS, this is the shirt for you!


Pumpkin Spice Card

The perfect card to include with any gift this Fall!  And the shop (LilyandVal) is based in Pittsburgh, my hometown!  Even better!

Want to see the rest of my picks?  Check out my Pumpkin Spice Pinterest board here!

Thanks again for checking out the blog and I promise lots more to come soon!!





Gift Guide for the Makeup Addict

Do you have any makeup addicts on your list this year, but you don’t want to add to their stash?  It can be hard to know what they already have! If this is your situation, then this is the list for you!

Makeup Addict Gift Guide

This mug made me actually laugh out loud.  The perfect gift for your eyebrow chick! Find it here.

Makeup Addict Gift Guide

The perfect addition to your makeup loving friend’s apartment.  This lipstick throw pillow is adorable!  Buy it here.

Makeup Addict Gift Guide

This little thing is highly coveted in the makeup world.  It’s a silicon makeup applicator from Molly Cosmetics called the SiliSponge.  If you score one of these, you are definitely going to be the hero of Christmas (FYI-they are majorly back ordered).  It’s the newest foundation applicator out there and is reported to be better than the beauty blender.  It doesn’t waste makeup, allows you to see your face while you use it and can be cleaned with soap and water.  Find info on  how to order it here.

Makeup Addict Gift Guide

I don’t know what rock I was living under, but I missed when this makeup brush cleaning machine launched.  It’s basically a dishwasher for your brushes.  It’s not like cleaning your brushes is that difficult, it’s just something you tend to forget to do.  Find it on Amazon here.

Makeup Addict Gift Guide

Oval makeup brushes are all the rage on the makeup blogs, so get your makeup addict in on the action!  These are mid-priced brushes, but you can find prices all over the board, so check out the choices.  I do not own these particular brushes, but they have pretty decent reviews.  Find them here.


Makeup Addict Gift GuideYou can never have too many makeup bags with cute sayings and the internet is full of them!  Find this one here.


Makeup Addict Gift GuideThey may not sleep with their makeup on, but they will sleep on their makeup with these adorable lash pillowcases! Buy them here.

Makeup Addict Gift GuideHow perfect is this lipstick ornament?   Someone more talented than I could DIY this, but if like me, you aren’t artistic, you can buy one from the Glam Studio Shop on Etsy here.

Makeup Addict Gift Guide


There are tons of funny makeup oriented tshirts out there at all price points.  This one definitely applies to me and nude lipsticks!  Get it here.

I wouldn’t be sad to find any of these under my own tree!  Which one is your fave? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Girly Girl Gift Guide

I think (fingers crossed!) I am finally done with my Christmas shopping.  I need to go through my purchases to make sure I didn’t forget anyone, but other than a few things I am waiting on delivery of, I should be good.  If you are done too, congrats! And if you aren’t, I am thinking you might have just a few more difficult people to buy for left on your list.  I wasn’t going to do gift guides this year, but I thought a few geared toward very specific types might be helpful.  If you are like me, you save those hard to buy for people for last, because you are still searching for something good to buy them.

I’m starting with the girly girl, your bff, your sister, maybe you.  They are sometimes hard to buy for, because they already have everything!  I know people say that about me sometimes.  I, of course, always have a list at the ready, so I thought I would share some of the things on it with you.

Angel Wings Scarf

Girly Girl Gift Guide

This scarf is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.  Does your person love taking Instagram photos? Are they dramatic? Do they just love pretty things?  If those are all yeses, then I think this is the gift for them!  It comes in other colors, but I love the black and white. I found it on Etsy from seller Shovava.   


Bun Cuff

Girly Girl Gift Guide

Are they the queen of messy buns?  The bun cuff was released by Chloe and Isabel last year and ups your bun game with style.  It can be worn as a bracelet or as a hair accessory.  It’s really easy to use and it comes in many different finishes.  Rose Gold and Gold are my faves. I am starting to see knock-offs of the original, so you know it’s a certified “thing” once that starts! You can find the Chloe and Isabel version here.


Tassel Earrings

Girly Girl Gift Guide

I’ve seen tassel earrings in a couple different stores this year, but my faves are from Bauble Bar.  They come in a million colors and you can buy the super long ones or mini’s.  Someone on my list may or may not be getting a set of these this year!  You can buy them at Nordstrom or at Baublebar.com.  In general, you can’t go wrong with Bauble Bar.  I love so many things on their site this year! They are currently having a sale on their monogram items which are super cute.   Find the mini’s here.


Silk Sleep Pillowcase

Girly Girl Gift Guide

Girly girls are always working on keeping those wrinkles at bay and what better way to do it than with a silk pillowcase?  Super luxe and something she probably wouldn’t buy for herself.  Find it at Nordstrom here.


Gold Wrist Cuff

Girly Girl Gift Guide

I love the delicateness of this cuff.  It’s interesting and something she can wear everyday.  Find it at Nordstrom here.

Bow Winter Hat

Girly Girl Gift Guide

It’s hard to look girly when you are freezing, but this hat from Kate Spade manages to fit the bill!  Comes in a couple colors, but I love the pink!  Find it at Kate Spade here.

Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Tassel Hobo

Girly Girl Gift Guide

This bag is gorgeous!  I love Rebecca Minkoff bags in general and own a Regan.  The leather the brand uses is super luxe and this bag is really ready for anything.  You can wear it to work or casual.  It comes in a couple different colors.  Find it at Nordstrom here.


Kate Spade Glitter Shoe Keychain

Girly Girl Gift Guide

So, no Girly Girl Gift Guide would be complete without shoes on it!  I would think it would be awkward to buy shoes for a friend, so this is the next best thing!  Find it at Kate Spade here.

Which of these do you want to find under your tree? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


Gilmore Girls Gift Guide


By far, my most pinned photo on Pinterest is a Gilmore Girls sweatshirt.  Unfortunately, it isn’t available via my original source, so I thought I would look for something similar.  This led me to a plethora of Gilmore Girls stuff for sale on Etsy.  Any of these would make amazing gifts for yourself or your Gilmore Girls obsessed friend! And if they haven’t watched the show yet, pair one of these with some DVDs! Now on to my faves!

Stars Hollow Print

Stars Hollow Print

I love this Stars Hollow travel print.  It doesn’t scream TV show, so those who aren’t fans won’t even realize it’s based on one.

In Omnia Paratus Print

In Omnia Paratus Print

This Life and Death Brigade poster from the same Etsy seller is great too.  Again, if you aren’t a fan, you wouldn’t know it was related to a TV show.

Luke & Lorelai Print

Lorelai & Luke Print

I also love this Lorelai & Luke print.  Fingers crossed the revival being filmed now ends up with them together forever this time!

Women of Gilmore Girls

Women of Gilmore Girls Shirt

I always like these types of shirts, whether they are music, sports or even TV shows.  I especially like the fact that this one highlights the women of Stars Hollow versus the couples.

Gilmore Girls Charm Bracelet

Gilmore Girls Charm Bracelet

I love the creativity of this Gilmore Girls Charm Bracelet.  Every time I look at it, I see something else that makes me remember an episode!

In Omnia Paratus Necklace

In Omnia Paratus Necklace

Isn’t this necklace cute?  Lovely reminder to take chances in life.

Gilmore Girls Sweatshirt

Gilmore Girls Sweatshirt

This is the sweatshirt that started it all.  It isn’t from the original seller (who no longer makes it), but it’s a very close replica.

Best Gifts for Her

Are you struggling finding the perfect gift for your mom, sister, daughter or best friend? Maybe even yourself? If so, I have the picks for you!  I’ve gathered up the best gifts for her today!  I could do ten of these lists to be honest there are so many good deals out there, but I thought I’d go with things I either have or would buy for myself! To shop, click on the pink link under each photo.

Best gifts for her

Talbot’s Holiday Plaid Scarf

I have this scarf and I love it!  It is super soft and gorgeous in person.  The tassels make it I think! I got it on super sale, and Talbot’s has had at least 40% off pretty consistently this season.  It’s Christmasy but I think you can still wear it after too.  I wore it with a chambray shirt but it would look great with a red coat too.

Best gifts for her

Starbucks Leopard Mug

The perfect gift for your leopard loving friend.  Starbucks always has great mugs at Christmas time and I was torn between featuring this one or the blue plaid.  This leopard one won out because it would look just as great on your desk as a pencil holder as it would holding your morning drink!

Best gifts for her

OPI All Stars

This set of OPI Mini All Star nail polishes is just that, a collection of the best OPI colors!  Amazing favorites like Bubble Bath, Strawberry Margarita, Lincoln Park After Dark, Big Apple Red and Malaga Wine.  All colors I own and love and in some cases talk about endlessly! Seriously a great gift!

Best Gifts for Her

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Makeup can be hard to buy for others sometimes, but this cult fave Dior Addict Lip Glow makes it easy since it reacts with the wearers chemistry to create a unique color.  Any makeup lover would love to receive this gift!

Best Gifts for HerKate Spade Glitter Studs

I’ve loved these gold glitter studs from Kate Spade for awhile and even had them on my best gifts for her list last year.  I still love them and now actually own them myself.  They are just enough glitter when you need a little! I may have stocked up on them the last time Kate Spade had a sale, so don’t be surprised if you get a set of these under the tree from me!


Best Gifts for Her

Glitter Bug Wallet

Speaking of glitter and Kate Spade, her Glitter Bug collection is super cute.  Who couldn’t use a little glitter in their pocketbook!

Best Gifts for HErKendra Scott Jewelry Holder

This Kendra Scott jewelry holder is perfect for travel! I love that you can hook your earrings into it.  I don’t own this yet, but I am definitely putting it on my wish list.

Best Gifts for Her

Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder

Another super cute idea, this nail polish holder comes in two sizes, one for travel and one for storage of your polish collection.  They can accommodate any size polish bottles and are a great solution!

Best Gifts for Her

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace

I talk about the Kendra Scott Rayne necklace all the time and finally bought my first one, hot pink and gold metal, this summer.  I wore it pretty much everyday and asked for a black and gold metal one for Christmas.  Pretty sure I will be wearing that one daily too.   Nordstrom had the best pricing this season that I have seen on the necklace due to their price matching, but it pays to shop around a bit when you decide to purchase.   There are so many colors and metal combinations, that you can be sure to find something for your gift recipient.

Best Gifts for Her

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag

I saved the best for last!  Love this blush Rebecca Minkoff bag.  It is definitely a splurge, but it is lovely!  It comes in a couple different colors, I love the saddle brown version too!

What’s on your gift wish list this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Best Emoji Gifts

Best Emoji Gifts

Today’s Friday Finds are all emoji related gift ideas!  Everybody loves emojis and their universal language.  Perfect for a teenager or your best friend, these gifts will make your recipient smile every time they look at them. Now on to the best emoji gifts!

Best Emoji Gifts

Happy Face Bag

This happy face emoji bag from Reb Dolls is adorable.  Wear it as a cross body or a clutch to your next weekend outing, it is sure to start a conversation!

Best Emoji Gifts


This emoji themed artwork makes me so happy!  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy some!

Best Emoji Gifts


These handpainted glasses from Etsy seller ClassyGlassyDesigns are so cute.  She will do custom emojis too!

Best EMoji Gifts


Firebox has several versions of their emoji rings, but I love this one!

Best Emoji Gifts


Even Kate Spade is in on the emoji action.  I completely adore this sunglass wearing emoji keychain!  This needs to go on my gift list!

Best Emoji Gifts


Be sure to wrap your gifts in some emoji wrapping paper!

I found this free printable on Let’s Wrap Stuff to make emoji wrapping paper in your printer at home.  How cute are those emoji santas?