Five Summer Projects for Adults


I want to start off by saying thanks for sticking with the blog over the past few weeks.  I’ve had a lot going on and unfortunately, the blog is the first to go when time is short.  I’m back today with five fun summer projects for adults.  I have tons of projects saved on my Pinterest boards and used to go crazy buying the supplies and then not actually doing the project!  I decided awhile ago, to make a list of the projects I wanted to accomplish in a set time period and only concentrate on those.  It seems to help my crafting A.D.D.!

Here’s my five summer projects for this summer.


Eugenia Kim Sun HatEugenia Kim Sun Hat

You probably have seen these blogger fave Eugenia Kim hats everywhere.  They are in my opinion, crazily priced.  Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks that, because there are DIYs all over the net.  I like this tutorial from Me and Mr Jones the best.

I am all ready to go on this craft, I just need to pull the trigger.  I found the sun hat at Forever XVI for $14 and bought the sequin trim ribbon at Joann’s.   The only thing holding me up is getting the writing right.  I am overthinking it and just need to do it!  Let me know if you make one too!  It’s adorable for vacation shots!


Boho Flower Hoops

Boho Flower Hoops

I love these boho flower hoops and they look really easy.  A grouping of them on a wall would be gorge!

Full tutorial on A Little Inspiration here.


Face Planter

Face Planter

These little face planters have been all over Instagram lately.  They are super easy to diy.  And I love all them face planters, heh!

This tutorial isn’t in English, but it’s fairly easy to figure out.


Cape DIY

Cape DIY

I saw a woman with a cape at a Steeler game a couple years ago, she told me her grandmother made it for her, which was amazing!  I think I finally found a tutorial for a cape I can make myself and am so excited!  Full tutorial is here.


Tea Towel Totes

Tea Towel Tote

I have a couple Cat Studio state dishtowels I bought for souvenirs.  I planned to make pillows out of them for my home office, but looking at these adorable tea towel totes, I may make one of those instead!  Full tutorial is here.

Do you have any summer projects planned? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! And if you try any of these, please tag me on Instagram!  @saltyblondeblog

Killer Shark Week Nail Art

I’m following up my Celebrate Shark week post from earlier in the week with some Killer Shark Week Nail Art.  There are so many cute shark themed nails out there on Instagram, it was hard to narrow them down!

Killer Shark Week Nail Art

Via Nail Artiste

I think these might be my favorite! The cartoon aspect, the swimmer, cracks me up!

Killer Shark Week Nail Art

Via ChantalsCorner

This shark is pretty vicious looking! I love the fins on the other fingers.

Killer Shark Week Nail Art

Via Dahlia’s Nails

If two species are too much for you, you could always have one shark and paint the rest gray.

Killer Shark Week Nail Art

Via Miriam Hussam

Love the use of blue on this one, plus the fun kawaii sharks!

Killer Shark Week Nail Art

Via Polished Yogi

I love the middle finger repeating shark pattern of this version, plus the ombre blue.

To see more Shark Week ideas, check out my Pinterest board here!

Memorial Day Nails

Memorial Day is right around the corner and as usual, it’s a combo of patriotism and the start of summer.  I thought it might be fun to round up some nail art that represents both sides of Memorial Day.  There’s tons more on my Nails Pinterest page.

Memorial Day Nails Roundup

Memorial Day Nails

American Flag Nail Art

This American Flag nail art from FabFatale is amazing.  It might be too much for me on every single nail but on one or two it would be awesome!

Memorial Day Nails

Camo and Flag Nail Art

Loving these Camo and Flag nails for Memorial Day.  I believe Nails by Nette created them for Veteran’s Day, but I love them for either holiday.

Memorial Day Nails

Patriotic Bow Nails

How cute are these Hello Kitty/Retro inspired Patriotic nails from Dressed Up Nails?   You could do this same idea in other colors too.

Memorial Day Nails

Picnic Nails

What’s Memorial Day without a picnic?  These picnic nails are hilarious.  I love the red checked picnic tablecloth and the Budweiser!

Memorial Day Nails

Camping Nails

Wondrously Polished actually created these for Father’s Day, but they depict Memorial Day to me too.  The tent on the middle finger is awesome!  (and kinda describes my thoughts on camping, if you get my drift)

See more of my faves here, on my Pinterest Nails board.

What are your Memorial Day plans? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Spring Trends Gingham


I always love gingham and I am super excited to see it everywhere this year.  And it isn’t just in your basic shirt form!  I gathered up some of the cutest spring trend gingham items out there for you!  (I NEED that bucket hat!)

Check out my finds below, to shop, click on the pink link below the photo.

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

J Crew Bucket Hat

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Motorcycle Jacket

How cute is this jacket?  A really unexpected use of Gingham!

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Swimsuit

This suit scream summer.  It also comes in pink and white gingham!

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Scarf

If some of the pieces are too much print for you, this scarf is a great way to ease into the trend, how cute would this be with a tshirt and jeans?

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Flats

Nordstrom Gingham Dress

Gingham Dress

I love this modern take on a 50’s housewife’s dress!

Gingham Raincoat

Gingham Raincoat

What screams Spring more than a Gingham raincoat?

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Short Set

Spring Trend Gingham Roundup

Gingham Tote

Another way to ease into the trend!

Are you as excited about Gingham being everywhere as I am?  If so, check out my Spring Trend Pinterest board for some more great items!

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Art

Tomorrow is March 1st, so St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and I’m back with the best St Patrick’s Day Nail art!

I scoured Pinterest and Instagram for the cutest designs I could find.  I have to admit, some of the nail art scared me a little bit! Ha! It just was too over the top for me personally.  I do think even some of the over the top designs could be workable if you only used them on a nail or two.  Here we go with the best St Patrick’s Day nail art out there!

Best St Patrick's Day Nail Art

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Hard for me to choose a fave out of this group, but I think number one, the emerald ombre might be my fave.  Which one is yours? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


If these are too much for you, check out my recommendations on the best green nail polishes here.


Ten Best Valentine’s Day Nails

I cannot believe it is already February!  I guess because Winter took so long to arrive, it went way faster than usual.  Now that we are officially into the month, I think it is appropriate to start talking Valentine’s Day.  The first thing I wanted to talk about is nail art.  There are some really creative Valentine’s Day nails out there.  I gathered up the ten best Valentine’s Day nails out there and thought you might want some inspiration too!

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Pink Roses

I love this Valentine’s Day version of the “sweater” nail that was everywhere this fall.  It’s nice and subtle and still unusual.

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Red Lace Nails

These matte red lace nails are amazing!  Really beautiful and so intricate!

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Colorblock Nails

I love these color block nails.  They combine your traditional Valentine’s Day colors in a non-traditional way.  I am sure you could do these yourself at home.

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Sealed With a Kiss

How cute are these lipstick kiss nails? Someone more talented than I could probably do these at home, but I would have to go to the salon!

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Floral Love

How amazing are these? If all ten fingers are too much for you, you could create an initial or shape on one nail out of flowers.

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Leopard and Hearts

A twist on the traditional animal print with a heart thrown in to the pattern.  Would also be cute as a featured nail.

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Tattoo Nails

I am saving this tattoo nail art for sure! I love that old school tattoo on the thumb.  Hopefully the name tattoo curse doesn’t translate into nail polish too!

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Mended Heart

For those who are nursing a broken heart, the mended heart nail!

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

Dotted Heart

Love the simplicity of these.  They don’t scream Valentine’s Day and could be worn to the office.

Ten Best Valentine's Day Nails

I cannot find the original source for these nails, so if you can, please let me know, so I can credit them.  For those with a slightly black heart, I love these black and red nails!

If you want to see more nail art, check out my Pinterest Nails board here.

Super Bowl Décor Ideas


In this house, we love football in all forms, high school, college and pro, so it comes as no surprise that the Super Bowl is must see TV.  Even though my beloved Steelers are not in the big game, we will still be watching.  I don’t have strong feelings for either team to win, so I really will just be enjoying the game.  I like both Peyton and Cam, so not really rooting for either, though I do find Cam fun to watch play.

If you are having people over to watch the game, I thought you might need a couple easy Super Bowl décor ideas.  I scoured Pinterest, so you don’t have to, and picked out what I felt were the best!  I did the same for Super Bowl food ideas, so look for that post tomorrow.

Super Bowl Decor Ideas

Football Wreath

Of course you want your front door to signal where the party is and this Football Wreath from Etsy seller Hart Filled Designs does just that!  Click the link above to go to her shop.

Super Bowl Decor Ideas

Lombardi Trophy

This Lombardi Trophy made by florist Justin Lamb is brilliant!  It’s a vase and cheapie football glued together and spray painted silver!  This would be an amazing centerpiece!

Super Bowl Decor Ideas

Felt Football Table

This green felt football table cover by A Night Owl blog is a great idea.  It’s felt and white duct tape! You could use number stickers or a Cricut to out your numbers.

Super Bowl Decor Ideas

Photo Booth Backdrop

Game Day Wives used a Party City tablecloth as their photo booth backdrop.  Great idea!  Fun for the kids too!

Super Bowl Decor Ideas

Pin the Football

Speaking of kids, this pin the football in between the goal posts game from Rust and Sunshine is a super easy way to keep them entertained.

Are you having a Super Bowl party? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.