Anthropologie Must Haves

The last few weeks have been full of business travel, but in my limited free time, I did check out a couple things I think you might be interested in.

I think everyone loves how Anthropologie smells and when I stopped in the other day after lunch at BRGR with friends, I decided I was going to bite the bullet and buy the candle that causes that yummy smell!

Capri Bue Volcano candle alternative

These Capri Blue Volcano scent candles make your home smell delightful, but their price tag is a little steep for candles.  After buying the small version at Anthro ($12), I was determined to find a more cost effective solution.

Capri Blue Volcano candle alternative

After doing a little online research, I found that most people feel Target’s Bali Sunrise candle is very similar.  I bought one and at $10 for a medium size candle, it is definitely a bargain.  The candle does smell almost identical to the Volcano, but I have to say it doesn’t throw scent, as well as, my much smaller Volcano candle.  (Did you like how I threw in that candle terminology there? I’m so punny!! )

My husband can’t tell a difference, but I definitely do.  That being said, it pains me to spend $28 on a candle, so I think the large size will just stay on my wish list for now.  My interim solution is to burn two Target candles at once to intensify the scent.  They really do smell delicious!

Blax Snag Free Hair Ties

My second Anthropologie purchase were these Blax snag free hair elastics.   I am always looking for hair bands that won’t pull my hair, but are strong enough to hold all of it in my messy bun.  (Long hair problems) I’ve read really good things about these and so far so good.  I, of course, already lost one, but until then, it was comfortable and was holding my hair up.  You can also find these on Amazon here:4mm CLEAR Hair Elastics 8 ct by Blax.  They come in clear, brown and black.

Any Anthropologie must haves I missed?  Tell me about them in the comments!




Leopard Print Clutch

 Claire V Fold Over ClutchVia

I have been lusting after this Clare Vivier leopard clutch for months now.  It’s been all over Pinterest in many inspiration pins for good reason.  I love it, but don’t love the price.  Imagine my happiness, when I found not one, but two tutorials on how to make a look a like clutch for much less.  I don’t generally buy knock off, but I am ok with creating my own inspired piece. I know, probably semantics, but I feel like if I put the effort in to make it myself, it’s a bit more genuine.


DIY Fold Over Clutch from Extra Petite


This tutorial from’s blog looks like I might actually be able to do it.  She made hers without a lining, planning on adding one later. You could always keep your smaller items in a baggie and not make a liner at all.  You could also actually adapt this tutorial and sew it by hand instead of via a machine.  Might be easier due to the thickness of the material. I think hers turned out great.

DIY Leopard Clutch by CreateBakeCelebrate


CreateBakeCelebrate blog’s version is very similar.  They have a full tutorial, also with sources for the material.  It looks like she didn’t use a liner either.  Hey, I will do anything not to have to do extra sewing!  The thought of sewing a zipper in scares me, but this lovey may make me be brave!

MimicDesign Leopard Clutch via Etsy


For those of you who don’t want to make your own, I found another look a like on Etsy.  Pretty close to the original for about half the price.

Would you DIY an item you were lusting after? Have you ever? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees have been around for awhile now, but I still love them.  I like to wear them in the summer with shorts or capris and then with a jacket when the seasons change.  Your perfect dress up or dress down item.  Just add some accessories.  I love the look below from Penny Pincher Fashion.  Casual, yet pulled together.


Embellished tee


I bought this Holy Chic tee from Old Navy earlier in the week when they had free shipping.  Love it, it’s really soft which I really wasn’t expecting.  I figured I was going to have to wash it a couple times to achieve softness.  This tee is available in sizes XS-4X on Old  I think the free shipping may be over but it ranges in price from $6-$9 depending on size.  Hard to say no to that price!  I plan on wearing mine all weekend!


Holy Chic T


Here’s the same shirt styled three ways by blog Sydne Style.  I love all three versions.



I liked these two Old Navy options too.  Not all are available in all sizes, but there are many other versions that are.

Jadore T


You me Oui T


I also love the graphic tees at JCrew Factory and they are also on sale this weekend.  The prices aren’t Old Navy prices, but I am sure the quality is higher too.   This one is my fave.

C'est La Vie T


Have you succumbed to the graphic tee trend?  Which one did/would you pick?  How did you style it?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

West Elm Look Alike for Less

I have had these West Elm Hammam Stripe Hand Towels on my list to buy for quite some time, but haven’t ever pulled the trigger.  At $10 a towel, they weren’t crazy expensive, but I also couldn’t justify the need for $30-$40 of dish towels either.

West Elm Hammam Towel

I was perusing TJMaxx the other day and came across some nearly identical towels for $5.99 for two and then I found them again at Home Goods for $4.99 for two.  Now that I can justify! I love a bargain!  I am thinking about DIYing the initial to make them twins!

West Elm Lookalike