Keep Tulips From Drooping

I love to have tulips in the house during the winter, because they make me feel like Spring is still a possibility no matter how cold out it currently is!  I found tulips for $3 a bunch at our local grocery store the other day and had to grab some since it was artic here this weekend.

The one thing about tulips that can be a bummer, is their tendency to droop, as soon as you put them in the vase.  I tried a Pinterest trick this time and it worked!  I actually combined two common tricks, so not 100% sure which one was the secret, but both are so easy, I don’t mind repeating them both.

First, I left the tulips in their store binding overnight.  Meaning, I took them out of the plastic envelope/bag thing you carry them in, but I left them attached to each other by the bindings/bands and stuck them in a vase of water.  The reasoning behind this trick, is because tulips are hollow stemmed, keeping them together allows them to absorb the water without drooping.

I also added a penny to the water in the vase.  I’ve read about this trick for a couple years and always forget to do it.  I honestly don’t know the reason for it, but I am sure it changes the alkaline of the water.

It’s been a few days, and so far so good as you can see below.  Aren’t they so pretty?   A few of the leaves have drooped and the tulips aren’t standing straight up and down like a soldier, but I like them a little more natural myself.  This is a huge improvement from the last time I bought tulips, so I am declaring this a Pinterest Success!!

Keep Tulips from Drooping

Have you tried these tricks? I’d love to hear about it or any others in the comments!


July Fourth Outfit Ideas

July Fourth Outfit Inspiration

I have an outing on July 4th that I needed to figure out some outfit ideas for.  I usually play it pretty safe and go with shorts and either a white or red shirt and a scarf, but I feel a little more festive this year.

I turned to my old friend Pinterest to see what combination I could come up with that wouldn’t make me feel like a flag.  I like my red, white and blue to be a little more versatile, so I can mix and match it with other things for the rest of the summer.  I found a surprising number of July Fourth outfits I really liked.  Most of my faves verged on nautical, stripes mixed with solids.  A few prints with the colors mixed in.  Check out my Pinterest board to see all my pins here.

I gathered my outfit inspiration below.  I am really liking the full skirt look and decided I was going to try and replicate it.   (I included a scarf below, just because it was cute!)

Salty Blonde's July Fourth Outfit Ideas

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I found an adorable red and white print skirt at Talbot’s during their Red Hanger Sale this weekend.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice, it’s much cuter in person.  Gorgeous red and made of very light cotton.  Perfect for the summer heat.

I have a navy and white striped tee I could wear with it or I could just wear a white one.  We’ll see how brave I am the day of!  If for some reason it ends up being chilly that day, I could wear a chambray shirt instead or a long sleeve white blouse like above.  If I’m feeling really froggy, I could wear a navy and white anchor long sleeve button down I already own, but that might be too much for me!!  I’m doing baby steps into the print mixing trend.


Red and White Skirt

Hibiscus Skirt

I also found some adorable navy and white Sperry’s at Nordstrom the last time I was there that would be super cute with a pair of white shorts for the 4th!

Striped Deck Shoes

How about you? Do you dress in the old red white and blue on July 4th?  Do you go casual or dressy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

And be sure to check out my post about some easy July Fourth party ideas here!


Ponytail Trick

Pinterest Success!



I am sure you have seen this ponytail trick on Pinterest before.  I’ve seen it a million times but didn’t try it until this week.  I don’t have an actual picture of it, because it is impossible to take a photo of the back of your head by yourself! I can attest though, that it does work!  Takes two seconds to do and makes your hair look super long.  You make a small ponytail with the top half of your hair and then take the remainder and put it in a second one.  The top pony blends so that you don’t see where the second one starts.  It looks like one big ponytail.

Another plus, I didn’t get a ponytail headache until the very end of the day.  It stayed in all day, never had to touch it.  I say this is a Pinterest Success! Have you tried it yet?  Any other Pinterest styles I should try?

What’s Pinteresting?

Pinning is my biggest form of relaxation and this week is no exception.  I’ve been pinning up a storm.  I actually used a Pin tip when I burned my tongue the other day and it worked!  The tip is to put a spoonful of sugar on your burnt tongue.  It actually went away in seconds.  The other tip I have been wanting to try is the Vicks on your feet when you have a cough (to stop your cough).  I didn’t have any Vicks on hand the last time I had a cough and haven’t had one since.  Have you tried that one?

I wanted to share some of my fave pins from this week with you.  Some of these seem to be sold out right now, but have waiting lists.  I especially love the pastel druzy necklaces and that ombre maxi is lovely!  I bought the Dolce perfume a couple weeks ago in the purse spray size after my friend told me about it.  I really like it for summer.  Dolce and Bronze Goddess have been my go-to scents so far.


What I'm Pinning from

1, 2, 3, 4

 Want to see more of my Pins? Check out my Pinterest Boards here.  What are you pinning this week?


Shellac Nail Hack

I am a huge Pinterest addict and I made a vow to myself when I started the blog that I was going to try more of the things I pinned and report back on whether they were successful or not.  I do find the Pinterest fails really funny, but I actually had a Pinterest success story with my first experiment.

I found this pin about a Shellac Hack from the blog Mint Arrow and thought it sounded doable.  She does a fantastic job with the tutorial, but I did do mine a tiny bit differently.

I skipped the Hard as Nails step she used and started with a coat of Gelous which I bought at my local Sally Beauty Supply.

SBS-507020I did a coat of color next.  I used Essie Mademoiselle but I also used a Sally Hansen red the previous week and it worked fine too.

Then a second coat of Gelous, another coat of color and then a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I buy Seche Vite at Ulta, but you can find it at Sally’s too.  I use it all the time as my top coat because I love how shiny it is.

I am happy to say my nails lasted an entire week just like Mint Arrow said.  Pinterest Success!!  How about you? Any successes or epic fails?