Fall Weekend Fashion

Fall Sunday


I got back from Florida with temps in the 80’s to temps in the 40-50’s in PA.  It’s been a definite shock to my system!  I immediately started looking on line for some Fall weekend inspiration.  The equivalent of comfort food in Fall comfort fashion!
The board above represents my faves!  I especially love the plaid cape!  I can see it with so many outfits!  Especially paired with that black hat!  Any of these would make excellent weekend staples this season.  How about you? What are your staples? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Fall Fashion 2014 Trends

Mad for Plaid 2014



I’ve always loved plaid.  It must be a preppy thing.  You can still buy the same shirts I wore in college at LL Bean today.  You can imagine my excitement with the amount of plaid in the stores this year.  Honestly, I think plaid is in every year.  It’s kind of the Pumpkin Spice of fashion!  There’s nothing better than wrapping up in something plaid on the first chilly day of the year.
I pulled together a couple items I loved this year via Polyvore.  Click on the item to get details on where it’s from.  Plaid can definitely be found at every price point this year.
How do you feel about plaid? Are you going to be sporting some this year?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Coach Fall Transition Bags


Can you believe it’s August already?  It’s crazy how fast summer goes especially in comparison with that horrid endless winter we had this year.  With the arrival of August, it is inevitable that we have to start looking for fall clothes and accessories soon.  I can always be convinced I need a new handbag and fall seems like a good reason to me!
I took at look at the new arrivals on Coach’s site and picked a few of my favorites.  I don’t currently have a bag in a basic brown leather color so I chose a few different versions of a slouchy brown bag from Coach.  The prices this season are a tad scary, so I would want to see these in person to confirm quality.  I have to admit, I am a Coach girl through and through but their quality hasn’t been up to cost a few times lately.  I am assuming this increase in prices will equate to higher quality.
The Soft Borough Bag in Nappa is beautiful! I love the richness of the color and the clean design.  I also love that it is a cross body bag and looks to have tons of room.  This would be a great travel bag.
The Soft Borough Bag with Grommets is amazing but the price is too steep for my budget.  I love this bag for all the same reasons as the non-grommet version but for approximately $300 more, I could live without grommets!
The Madison Grommets Large Carlyle Shoulder Bag is another amazing bag.  I could see carrying this bag through out fall.  I love the classic Coach turnlock clasp and that it is a little edgier.
A little more reasonable on price are the color blocked clutch and the metallic bag.  I haven’t yet bought a clutch because I tend to think they are difficult to manage when working in the city and carrying a laptop on a daily basis.  If I could find one I could fit into my laptop bag, that might work, but daily I tend to prefer a shoulder bag.  I do really like this color blocked version.  I also like that it is a wristlet.  One of my big fears with clutches is that I might leave it somewhere!
I always love a metallic bag and think this one would go great with so many outfits.  I feel like this particular metallic is subtle and could act as a neutral.   I also like that it has a magnetic closure.  I hate when a bag doesn’t have a closure and all your stuff falls out when driving!
All in all, I think every one of these bags could transition from now until fall.  What would you pick?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!