Bracelet Stacking Tips

How to Build a Bracelet Stack via Salty Blonde

I’ve been bracelet stacking since I was in college and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.  My bracelet collection is pretty ridiculous, though I have to say looking at a picture of them, shows me I need more color!  I often get asked how to put together a stack of bracelets, so I thought it might be something you would be interested in learning about.

How to Bracelet Stack via Salty Blonde

It really is all about personal preference.  There are days where I just wear one or none, but it is usually because of lack of time. There are days where it just isn’t practical to wear a huge stack of arm candy and I don’t. My preference would be to wear a stack every day though.

Arm Candy via Salty Blonde

As you can see from my photo of my bracelet holder, I have a ton more silver bracelets than gold.  I need to up my gold game!  I do love gold stacks especially with an oversized gold watch!

In the upper left square, I started with a classic Tiffany bead bracelet, added a Silpada bracelet and then some bling.  This is a combo I wear to work a lot.  It goes with a ton of outfits, doesn’t clink together a lot and looks good together.

The left lower square is a similar idea, but I swapped the Tiffany for an Alex and Ani, a renegade bracelet and some colored bling.  The key is to mix the texture of the bracelets up in your stack.  I love this combo and you could easily switch up or add to it.

The upper right side is a more summery take on a stack.  It’s a wrap bracelet, colored bling and an Alex and Ani bracelet.  Again, a mix of texture and this time, color in your stack.

The lower right square is a mix of Tiffany and Pandora with bling and Silpada mixed in.  I basically start with some textured bracelets and then throw in some bling!

There are literally 100’s of combos I can make with my bracelet collection.  I do find myself getting in a rut and wearing the same ones together.  That is mainly the reason I bought this bracelet holder, so I could put them all in one spot when I am getting ready.

I didn’t show them here, but I definitely include watches in my stack.  They can really beef up your arm candy!

If you are just getting started mixing bracelets together, my recommendation would be to check Forever 21, Target, and Charming Charlie for some cheaper ones to get started with.  Kate Spade has adorable bracelets, as does Alex and Ani when you are ready to spend a little more. Tiffany and Co, of course, has the classic sterling pieces.  Keep in mind, I have been working on my collection for decades!  I definitely wouldn’t have been able to go out and buy these all at once!

I regularly mix high and low end bracelets together.  Same for watches, I have some higher end, but the watch I get asked about the most is from Target!

If you have any questions about how to build a stack or the details on any of my bracelets, let me know in the comments!  Many were gifts, but I know where they are from.

And for more ideas, check out my Pinterest Jewelry board!


Friday Five

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day next weekend.  This summer has flown by!  This week has had its up and downs, but overall was pretty good.  Here’s my highlights for the week.

You know your day is looking up when you come back from a meeting and this box is on your desk!

ProFlowers Box

My husband sent me some just because flowers this week and they were gorgeous.   How do you like my artful photography showing my dog sniffing them.  Ha!

Pro Flowers flowers


I took the plunge on Saturday and cut a couple inches off my hair.  I officially have a lob (long bob) now!  I love it.  So much faster to get ready in the morning and I feel like I have an actual style now versus just long hair.  This was the first cut!



Have you seen the new Tiffany T collection at Tiffany’s?  I got an email about it this week and I have to say I LOVE it.  Check it out here.  Super expensive though, so it’s just going to remain on my wish list for now!

Tiffany T bracelet

Tiffany T gold bracelet

Tiffany T ring

 Tiffany T Ring

Something I can afford in this lifetime is Nate Berkus fabric.  I just learned it is available at Joann’s.  Don’t forget to use those coupons to make it an even better deal.  Here’s a couple I would love to use in my house.  Going to try and check them out in person this weekend.

Nate Berkus Fabric

My husband and I randomly stopped into TJMaxx this week after work one day and found a matching set of nightstands.  I am just starting a small update to my bedroom and these will work great.


How was your week?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.

I am linking up to the Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five for Friday.

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is next month.  Those that know me in real life, know that I like to start the countdown early!  Now that Pinterest exists, its fun to pin things to your wish list.  I have pins from the super practical to completely impractical, to never going to happen.  It’s a great way to just keep track of cool things you come across for yourself or others.  I certainly don’t expect to receive any of these items, it’s just nice to daydream a little.  I like any and all gifts, whether they were homemade, a dollar or many dollars.  It truly is the fact that someone thought about me enough to make or purchase a gift for me that counts.  Let’s get to the eye candy, shall we?



I love this Anthropologie lipstick holder.  How awesome would this look on a vanity? While we are talking about Anthro, how about this adorable Eiffel tower ring holder?



Kate Spade is always good for gifts.  Cute items in a variety of price points that make any girl smile!  The quote on this candle could be my motto!



Every prepster’s dream, Monogrammed Jack Rogers!  Am I the only one obsessed with monograms? I want them on EVERYTHING!

These come in a million different combos.  So cute for summer.



This Tiffany purse charm speaks to my love of purses and my love of the little blue box!



What would you put on your birthday wish list? Check out my Pinterest Birthday Wish List board for more of my choices!  Have a great weekend!