Flamingo Roundup

If you haven’t seen it yet, Kate Spade’s newest launch involves flamingos.  I have to say, I love some of the pieces, but some kind of scare me!  She always includes some over the top pieces for the true fashionista.

While very cute, it’s hard for me to justify paying $130 for a flamingo scarf or $400+ for a dress.  I thought I would check around and see what cheaper alternatives I could find.  I am happy to report, I found a lot of choices.  I did include the Kate Spade flamingo swimsuit and cover up, as I didn’t see anything cuter in swim (except for the Ann Taylor cover up) and relatively speaking, they are pretty on par with the cost of a better swimsuit.  Is this a trend you are ready for? I think it fits in great with the other tropical trends we’ve been seeing this year.

And here’s a bit of flamingo trivia, a flock of flamingo’s is called a flamboyance!  What the what?

Click on the links below to shop the roundup.

Salty Blonde's Flamingo Roundup


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Girls Day Out-East Liberty Version

I spent my Monday off with two different friends.  I crammed all my girlfriend time into one day! I had such a great time.  We started off at Peace Love and Zen, a wellness center located in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood.  I suffer from chronic pain, so I am always looking for alternative treatments.  My friend located this center and its Himalayan Salt Cave.   After reading about the benefits of Salt Therapy, we booked a session.

Peace Love and Zen Himalayan Salt Cave
I had no idea what to expect when we walked in.  The owner Susan opened the door and we were led into a room made of imported Himalayan Salt, including the floor.  We sat in zero gravity loungers, wrapped up in our blankets and spent our 45 minute session just breathing in the zen.  I, of course, talked the entire time, but that’s part of going to a spa with me!

I then proceeded to my next service, which was a massage with Abby.  She started with some foot reflexology and trigger point massage.  She was great, highly recommend her. The absolute best part, was I was in so much less pain when I left the facility than when I came in.  Not sure which part of the session was responsible, but I am definitely willing to try it all again.

We headed to lunch at BRGR nearby.  It was an amazingly beautiful fall day, so BRGR had their garage door windows open.  Fabulous food as always!

Pittsburgh's Bakery Square

 Bakery Square’s center and Google office, look at that sky!

We made our way over to Bakery Square and checked out the new West Elm store.  We met Jamison (sorry if I spelled it wrong!) who was super helpful!  Look him up when you visit.  I’ve been to a few other West Elm stores and I have to say, I loved the layout of this one the best.


West Elm Boxwood Antlers

Jamison and the Boxwood Antlers

Front and center were Christmas decorations, anything shiny and glittery and I’m there.  I had to take one of these glitter tinsel trees home with me.  It’s going to look amazing with my gold lamps!

West Elm Tinsel Tree


The bedding was one of our favorite areas of the store.  So pretty!  Love those Mongolian pillow covers.

West Elm Bed Displays


I really, really wanted one of these to come home with me, but I resisted!  The struggle is real!

West Elm Mercury Glass Display


I don’t know why I am so into gold this year, but I loved these too.

West Elm Gold Display


And don’t even get me started on their lighting.  So many pieces I loved.  Check out this Droplet Glass Pendant.  Gorge!

West Elm Lighting-Droplet Glass Pendant


I then spent the second half of my day with another friend, dinner, conversation and Gone Girl (loved the movie)!  What did you do this weekend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


West Elm Look Alike for Less

I have had these West Elm Hammam Stripe Hand Towels on my list to buy for quite some time, but haven’t ever pulled the trigger.  At $10 a towel, they weren’t crazy expensive, but I also couldn’t justify the need for $30-$40 of dish towels either.

West Elm Hammam Towel

I was perusing TJMaxx the other day and came across some nearly identical towels for $5.99 for two and then I found them again at Home Goods for $4.99 for two.  Now that I can justify! I love a bargain!  I am thinking about DIYing the initial to make them twins!

West Elm Lookalike Towels-saltyblonde.com