Friday Finds

Hope you have some exciting plans for your long weekend!  I am purging my closet this weekend, it’s definitely time and I know in the end, it will make it so much easier to get ready in the morning, but it certainly is painful in the midst of doing it!  Some of it is going to the consignment store and the rest will be donated.  Once I’ve gone through it, I have to have it out of the house to prevent my going back into the pile.

I turned to Etsy for my Friday finds this week and as usual, I found a ridiculous amount of great stuff there.  I am always amazed at the product sold on Etsy.  Such creative and talented people out there.

Friday Finds from



Etsy seller Laonato has several different cityscapes to choose from, my fave being Paris.  These necklaces would make great gifts or as a reminder of a great vacation.


Speaking of reminders of a great vacation, this shell ring from Etsy seller Kaleimaeole certainly fits the bill.  How could you not think of the beach when wearing it?


When my dog passed away last year, I searched everywhere for a piece of jewelry to serve as a tribute.  I found Lulubug Jewelry on Etsy and couldn’t believe the detail on this necklace.  It really looked exactly like my dog.  I ordered it and a name plate to go with it and couldn’t have been more thrilled.  It is teeny, tiny, but the quality and detail is amazing.  I can’t recommend this seller more.  Lulubug Jewelry has every kind of dog, plus pretty much every animal you can think of and a few other symbols.  Perfect gifts for an animal lover in your life.


I have been following Elina Linardaki on Instagram after finding her shop on Etsy this summer.  I love the boho feel of her handmade sandals.  They are gorgeous.  Check her shop out here.


I love the look of raw crystals and these necklaces are super cool.  Everyone is slightly different making it a one of a kind piece.  Vermeer Jewellery’s shop can be found here.

What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully more exciting than mine!  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Friday Five

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day next weekend.  This summer has flown by!  This week has had its up and downs, but overall was pretty good.  Here’s my highlights for the week.

You know your day is looking up when you come back from a meeting and this box is on your desk!

ProFlowers Box

My husband sent me some just because flowers this week and they were gorgeous.   How do you like my artful photography showing my dog sniffing them.  Ha!

Pro Flowers flowers


I took the plunge on Saturday and cut a couple inches off my hair.  I officially have a lob (long bob) now!  I love it.  So much faster to get ready in the morning and I feel like I have an actual style now versus just long hair.  This was the first cut!



Have you seen the new Tiffany T collection at Tiffany’s?  I got an email about it this week and I have to say I LOVE it.  Check it out here.  Super expensive though, so it’s just going to remain on my wish list for now!

Tiffany T bracelet

Tiffany T gold bracelet

Tiffany T ring

 Tiffany T Ring

Something I can afford in this lifetime is Nate Berkus fabric.  I just learned it is available at Joann’s.  Don’t forget to use those coupons to make it an even better deal.  Here’s a couple I would love to use in my house.  Going to try and check them out in person this weekend.

Nate Berkus Fabric

My husband and I randomly stopped into TJMaxx this week after work one day and found a matching set of nightstands.  I am just starting a small update to my bedroom and these will work great.


How was your week?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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Weekend Update

I had an awesome pre-birthday weekend!  Lots of activity, girl time and shopping!  Here’s a pic that sums it all up.

Good weekend1

Extensions, jewelry, sunglasses, makeup, money and gloss!  Remnants of an awesome weekend!!

Friday night I went to the Steve Miller/ Journey concert with a girlfriend.  It was super hot out, but we had a great time and had awesome seats!  We were about 8 rows from the stage, so we were super close.  It is so fun to go to a concert where you know pretty much every song the bands sing.

Pretty in Pink





Journey on stage

Saturday, I met a girlfriend for a late lunch and some shopping.  We ate lunch at Burgatory and it did not disappoint.  We ordered the truffle fries for an appetizer and they were amazing and then special ordered our burgers.  No milkshakes for us this trip!


We hit up Hobby Lobby and Home Goods of course.  I did pretty well at Home Goods.  My husband is in the middle of painting my home office so I wanted to pick up a couple things for the walls.  I was thinking about DIY’ing a burlap bulletin board, but when I saw this one at Home Goods, I figured I should just buy it.  I picked up that little mirror at TJ Maxx.  I have so many places it could go.  It most likely will end up in the office, but would look good in our half bath or master bedroom.  Decisions, decisions!

Home Goods Haul1

I also picked up a coastal rectangular basket to corral the crap on my coffee table,  a black and white runner and some colorful cocktail napkins for my birthday get together.Home Goods Haul

Sunday was my sweet baby boy’s birthday!  He’s becoming quite elderly and has lost most of his teeth, but will always be my baby!!


Summer Planters

Greenhouse flowers


A couple weeks ago, we stopped by our local greenhouse to pick out some plants for our GIANT urns on the deck.  Since we were a little late in the season, I wasn’t sure what we would find, but they were fully stocked.  I absolutely love going to pick out our flowers and look forward to it every summer.  I will start this post off by saying, I absolutely know nothing about flowers and never know their proper names, but I do know what I like and what I am not going to kill!


Black Petunia Collage

 I saw some really unusual (to my eye) flowers this go around.  I love, love , love these black petunias. I’ve never seen anything like them. Unfortunately, I didn’t see these until we were leaving so I wasn’t able to buy any, but am definitely thinking about going back.  I think they would look amazing in my mainly pink color scheme.

Summer Planter Collage

 I also saw these flowers that look like they are polka dotted.  How cute are these?  Anyone know what they are called?   Their hanging baskets are amazingly full!  So pretty and colorful, and so many to choose from!

white impatiens

I couldn’t resist this shot of the white impatiens.  Loved the impact of one color.  Maybe I will try all white flowers with those black petunias.   I normally follow the thrill, fill and spill method of filling my urns.  I couldn’t find my thrill piece this go around, so will have to come back for it later.  If you aren’t familiar with this method, the thrill plants give your planter height, the fill plants are bushier and fill your planter and spill plants trail over the side of your pot.  It has worked really well for me the past couple of summers by giving the urn balance.  I used to be just a random planter, but using this plan has really helped the appearance of my summer planters.  Once they begin to grow, they really do thrill, fill and spill the entire container.  I tried to find some photos from last summer, but can’t seem to find them at the moment.

My flowers

Here’s what I ended up picking out, minus the thrill plants.  I went with a mainly hot pink theme this year. The marigolds are for another planter.  I change my scheme from year to year, sometimes going with multiple colors, sometimes big impact with one similar shade.  Once my flowers have been planted for a few weeks, I will take a photo to show how fast they fill out.  You can see in the photo how big our urns are, I absolutely love them.  A friend gave them to me when she was moving.  Lucky me! We decided not to plant a container garden this year.  It got quickly out of control last year, so we opted not to do one this year.   Here’s one last shot of my trusty helper!  He’s not a fan of the heat, but always wants to be by our sides.

Garden Helper

What did you plant this year?  did you do a garden? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Friday Five

Summer is almost upon us, so this Friday’s Five is dedicated to my Summer Bucket List.  Every summer we say we are going to do some of these things and it never ends up happening and next thing we know, it’s fall.  I am hoping committing it to the web will make it happen!

Summer Bucket List-Drive In


1.  Go to the Drive In

I’ve never been to a drive in (My dad says I have been, but I think he made that up) and it’s been on my summer bucket list for a couple years now.  We always wait too long and it’s too hot to go or there’s nothing we want to see, so I am making sure it happens this year!



Summer Bucket List-Pittsburgh Power

2.  Go to a Pittsburgh Power Game

This is the second year in a row we have planned to go to a game and then not gone, we still have a few games, maybe one or two left, so we might make this one a reality this year!



Summer Bucket List-Night Swim


3.  Go Night Swimming

Is there anything better than a night swim in the summer time? I don’t do it often enough and every time I do it, I think, man, I am missing out!



Summer Bucket List-Read


4.  Read Three Great Books

I love to read, but end up spending so much time online that I don’t get to read live, hold them in your hands books enough anymore.  I seem to read the most when I am lying by the pool or the beach, so I am going to be sure I get some quality reading time in.




Summer Bucket List-Road Trip


5. Go on a Road Trip

Just a little trip somewhere close by, I like the no specific destination idea. The older my dog gets, the less he likes staying at the dog sitter’s, so it most likely will need to be a short get away or some place we can bring him with us.

For more ideas, check out my Summer Time list on Pinterest. What’s on your 2014 Summer Bucket List?

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Dog Mommy



Nothing makes me move faster than that first doggy heaving motion.  Never fails that I am on the phone or in bed when it starts.  And it is ALWAYS on the carpet or the couch.  Never on a hard surface!  My poor dog hides every time he throws up, but proudly struts around when he has an accident.  As a result, we have become experts at rug stain removal! Lime green stain removal in particular!  Luckily we have a leather couch so clean up just involves a ton of Clorox and Lysol.  I see all the blogs with the lovely white couch covers and I think, no way ! As annoying as it can be, I just can’t stay mad at this little face!


Is your dog a chronic puker? What’s your stain remover of choice?